Thursday, 22 November 2007

Deadly Strain

Due to my weakened physical state (after my food poisoning incident), I thought that I had succumbed to this dreadful cold that everyone on the planet seems to have.

The symptoms definately seemed to fit, whilst walking up to problem 1 in Brno I felt ok (aside from the usual nerves), but once I had pulled on, it was immediately apparent that I had no power. I topped the problem (it wasn't very hard!) in horrible shaky style and immediatly started to sweat. I had a total nightmare on the following five blocs, barely managing to scrape any bonuses together and feeling horribly ill.

Once back in Edinburgh I assumed that I would soon start feeling better, but I was wrong. I don't have a cold at all but have caught the deadliest strain of the shambles virus.

Be afraid! The shambles virus is highly contagious, even observing someone elses shambolic floundering on the wall is enough for you to become infected. Even last night, an unsuspecting Niall forgot to avert his eyes whilst I was flapping around and then he too immediately started to display the same symptoms.

If you are unlucky enough to be near me next time I am bouldering, be sure to look the other way.

You have been warned


Dave Redpath said...

Winter sickness is a bummer. I got food poisioning last week just as I flew out to Spain for a week. Ended up with 3 days climbing out of 9 by the time I recovered :(

Dave MacLeod said...

good to see you have a blog, look forward to hearing your advenutes on the boulders and sick training regimes etc...