Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Generalist vs "That Guy"

Got my copy of essential fontainebleau through the post and on first inspection I wasn't that impressed. Firstly there didn't appear to be enough photos of me (only kidding) and Secondly the book was crammed full of tiny photo-topos, making it look way too busy.

As I looked at it again, I realised that all of those tiny photo-topos are absolutely great, it means that you actually stand a very good chance of being on the correct problem. The book also closely mirrors my own ideas for the perfect ticklist (although I would choose different problems in order to avoid slabs, pockets, traverses etc.) and was the final step in inspiring me to train hard again.

My own ticklist (of probs that I've yet to do) ranges from 6b to 8b and that's what I'm currently working towards. My training and outlook on training is governed by one (maybe ridiculous) ethic and one ethic alone. I won't train for one project only, nor two for that matter, I will train to get stronger and better all round and that way I can have my pick of the problems. I know that this mindset is not perfect and it also makes me highly unlikely to ever really achieve more than a handful of my projects. It's bad enough that I'm "that guy with the crap tatoos" but I won't allow myself to become "that bendy guy" or "that guy who's awesome on pockets". I'd much rather be "what guy?" because I'm a generalist through and through.

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