Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Getting a Taste of My Own Medicine

Over the festive period I joined the ranks of the whinging masses by picking up a bad pulley injury on my "birdie" finger. It's the first time in many many years that I haven't been able to hang from a conventional campus rung whilst injured.

When building the board in my flat I hadn't really considered this outcome, so put no large rungs on it. The Campus board is currently just a cupboard and will be for a little while longer.

The campus board at Alien2 however, has a set of massive rungs that I can hang off with no discomfort at all. Which is a good thing, as I can't really play on the problems at the moment. I'm working on my deep lock as it's one of my main weak spots and will post a video of some training exercises soon that should demonstrate some alternative ways to use the campus board (well one alternative anyway).

Fisrtly here is my attempt at a one armer on each arm. The start is strong enough, but I really have to kick my legs to get anywhere near full lock.

Here is the video of me trying to address this problem by campusing at round about full lock. People always seem to foorget that you can use the campus board to address specific areas of weakness, rather than for just improving their campusing ability.

Finally here is a very poor attempt at a front lever pull up so that I can monitor my improvement.

Hopefully this training will get me closer to my real goal, which is doing 1-4-8 on my home board in the short term hopefully followed by 1-5-9 later in the year (oh and a couple of projects on rock)


sam clarke said...

Yo Roddy.
You should upload a video of your deep lock campusing from the side so that we can see just how much deeper your deep lock is.
Keep up the good work. There aren't enough training blogs out there.

Roddy Mackenzie said...

That's a good idea, it'll make it much easier to guage improvement. There were too many peeps at the wall to film from the side the other night.

Filming from the sude should also help with seeing how much better my arm flexibility gets. I reckon if I could get my hand 25% closer to my shoulder I'd have no issues with lock at all anymore. We'll see I guess.

Movecrafter said...

It's Chuck Fryberger... remember me?
Give me an e-mail if you get the chance!

movecrafter (at)