Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Another year, another British Bouldering Championship comp comes and goes. This year I managed to make the final, which is something that I have consistently failed to do for the last 7 years.

Here is my list of things I got right and wrong this time, so that hopefully I can learn for next year.


1. Strong body
2. Relaxed attitude
3. I wasn't put off by other peoples failures
4. Scarpa shoes rather than 5.10 (better for me by far)
5. Nice relaxing day the day before, with a gentle warm up session
6. Good dry skin


1. Fitness (got totally pumped in the final and didn't recover, need to do some interval training next time)
2. Grip strength was poor due to two bad fingers stopping me from training as hard as I would like (I'll sort that out soon enough thanks to Ned and Dan)
3. Flexibility has always been a weakness for me, will try harder from today onwards

Dylan has also supplied me with a whole lot more Slap Holds which will be appearing at Alien2 shortly. If any other walls would like some samples or some route-setting then please get in touch.