Thursday, 1 July 2010

Third World Country

On the drive back up from the BBCs, Gary and I were discussing how the biggest shame about not quite performing as well as we would like, is that this event is only once a year, and that's a very long time to wait. Sure there are local comps during the winter (and obviously the CWIF and Plywood Masters, which are normally in the spring), but it is only feasible to do the ones local to us, as these comps are almost always held on a Friday evening. The Alien Rock comps are fun, but the terrain, the format, the style and the competition (ie the competitors) are all at odds with the likes of a National or International event. The setting in the Scottish walls in general bears no resemblance to this style (although I believe the EICA bouldering is in the process of being "fixed"), but is good for getting steely fingered.

I'm jealous of the guys in Sheffield (and other well equiped northern towns), they get to boulder on the correct style of problems all year round, get to take part in a fun winter bouldering series and the CWIF, and there is a really strong group of guys there to burn each other off. I appreciate that I could just increase my carbon footprint and commute to Sheffield, Leeds or Newcastle to train, but I think I'll wait for the TCA Glasgow to open and hope that the setting there bears some resemblance to modern competition climbing. Who knows, maybe they'll even hold the odd open climbing competition.