Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Deep Lock

In a previous post I mentioned that I had been working on my posture, which has proved to be not only the key to looking "a bit of a dick" as I strut around, but has had a massive impact on my ability to lock.

I had mainly been doing exercises on the wall to address this whilst warming up, but have also taken to doing some basic campus board exercises to really try and hit the associated muscle groups hard. It is clear that my left hand side is progressing faster than my right, but it is hard to ascertain why the right hand side is lagging behind, since it could be one of so many factors, like tightness in pecs, tightness in upper traps, instability in rotator cuff, slightly weaker lower traps, poorer grip strength etc.

Attempting to get Fred Nicole style lock. Must try harder.


Dave Redpath said...

Did you miss the obvious, you did the right side second?

Roddy Mackenzie said...

Even when I do them seperately they are the same, but I like your thinking.

I did them one immediately after the other so that I could get them on one clip with no editing

Dalton Swan said...

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Thank you,
Dalton Swan