Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Since the opening of the TCA last year it has been difficult to go back to training at Alien 2; it just feels too basic, and basic is easy to replicate at home.

It felt very strange at first, not going to the local wall regularly and not seeing the usual faces. The TCA whilst being great, is too far away to provide a substitute and does not have sufficient basicness for my needs. Fortunately this is actually the perfect scenario, since we have weights, a beastmaker and a campus board at home for the basic stuff. Being back on the power training feels great :)

Not considering the local wall as a possible venue for training, or as a substitute for climbing, has driven us outdoors more regularly than ever before and has re-ignited our drive to get up stuff.

Within the last couple of weeks Anna has managed to get up a couple of her projects. One being Sprung at Bowden Doors and is her first at the grade, the other being Hard Reign Direct at Back Bowden Doors (which took me a much longer time to do: circa 10 years). Videos Below